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What is an IT administrator?

What is an IT administrator?

IT administrator


IT administration is the discipline by which all technology resources, including corporate information and technology assets, are managed according to the specific needs of the business.

Nowadays, remote operations, from mobile devices and in the Cloud, are fundamental activities that need to get appropriately managed from the IT control panel; but also from the general management and the different areas.

The growing and unstoppable BYOD activity in companies require monitoring and administration and management in detail, in addition to ensuring that business and legal policies.

The security of the infrastructure and information assets of companies is directly related to IT administration, whether it is technology policies such as firewalls, antivirus, access, etc., or administrative, monitoring, and maintenance.

The correct IT management is fully automated; it brings significant benefits and savings in time and budgets to organizations by providing preventive remedies to the threats that the organization may face.

IT management allows companies to flow according to their business and technological policies, making them much more efficient, productive, and competitive.

Job Description IT Administrator

Primary responsibilities of an Administrator are :

  • Monitor the performance of IT infrastructures
  • administer electronic equipment
  • Install computer system
  • Maintain, upgrade and repair the operating system including software and hardware

The IT Administrator is responsible for maintaining the organizational IT network, servers, and security systems. To ensure business continuity, they are essential within any business. The effect of IT network failure on the regular running of the commercial operation is significant.

Educational Qualification And Skills

You need a degree or diploma in computer science, IT, electronics, or in a related field.

  • Assessing present network serves, operating systems and security layer
  • Performing data backup and recovery processes
  • Resolving  issues with systems and programs
  • Installing  and implement effective security systems
  • To upgrade hardware and software programs


According to  Indeed the top job site in US, the average salary of IT Administrator  is $67,440. And also bachelors degree in computer systems.

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