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Kajabi Review: Why It’s the Best Course Selling Solution for Solopreneurs in 2020

With so many platforms available for building and selling online courses, it shouldn’t be so hard to start your knowledge monetization journey. But not all of these platforms are the same. Some allow you to add limited functionality to your existing WordPress site, others are essentially marketplaces where you can list your courses as products available in platform-native formats, while still more combine website building functionality with.

Generally, the best way to go is to find a platform that’s packed with all the tools and functionalities you need to set up shop and start selling your courses. And in 2020, Kajabi is the platform that covers your bases most comprehensively.

It has everything you need to establish a successful online course business as a solopreneur,  with features that range from powerful page design and smartphone course delivery to marketing automation and contact management. Especially when compared to the competition, Kajabi truly is an all-in-one solution to sell your information products.

In this review, we’ll explore what Kajabi has to offer and cover exactly why it’s the best course selling solution for solopreneurs in 2020.

Overview of Kajabi

Before diving deep into Kajabi’s features, let’s take a quick look at what it is and why it ought to be your go-to platform for selling your online courses.

Kajabi is a hosted platform and Learning Management System (LMS) for creating, marketing, selling, and delivering your digital products. The platform offers a spectrum of features, including course creation, web hosting, subscription payment processing, email list management, triggered email sequences, a landing page builder and more.

In recent months, Kajabi has also added new features to further help their users grow their business; their professional-grade business analytics features, a media-rich landing page design experience, and a mobile app.

The best part is, since Kajabi offers an all-in-one solution to selling your products, you won’t need to deal with other third-party software and the hassle of setting them up so they’ll work together. Truly. all you need is Kajabi. Let’s hop right in.

1. Build your own web pages

Because of how widely accessible digital products are, many people and even students are keen on taking advantage of online learning. As a solopreneur who’s looking to launch an online selling course, this makes your website a crucial part of the equation to growing your business.

The challenging part is, because of the constraints of being a solopreneur, chances are, you can’t afford to hire a professional web design/development team — you’d have to do everything yourself.

That’s where Kajabi’s website builder features shine.

The platform offers website themes that you can easily customize to your liking. With the drag-and-drop design environment, you can click on the pages and sections you want to modify and change them accordingly.

Build your own web pages 1

You can customize other parts of your website as well – including your branding, typography, color scheme, navigation, opt-in forms, and more. Kajabi also offers several new Pages features such as specific and more diverse theme designs and more preset section types.

You also get to customize your sections more, since Kajabi now allows you to edit your background options, spacing, column width, and more.

Customize Your Section 1

Plus, you can now adjust the visibility of your web pages, add animations, and use even more advanced settings for your blocks.

With Kajabi, it’s entirely possible for you to build your own website, even if you have zero familiarity with tech or design tools.

2. Create your products with ease.

Creating your digital products can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task.

For instance, when creating your tutorial videos, you’ll also need to make a module or course outline — that is, if you want to increase your chances of converting your web visitors into paying customers.

Kajabi makes this process a lot easier (and faster) to pull off with its Product Blueprints feature. It allows you to create your online courses using structured templates, design them to fit your brand, and sell your digital products.

You can select a blueprint and customize it to outline and organize your online course.

Streamline your marketing workflows -Kabaji

Kajabi’s product creation features help streamline how you build and manage your products, which saves you the time and effort you need to work on other areas of business.

 3. Open up your students’ learning options with the mobile app

Kajabi’s new mobile app offers your customers a one-touch, seamless learning experience, wherever and whenever they choose to. 

With the app, delivering your products to your customers also becomes a lot more convenient, since it allows your subscribers to access your content faster and more easily with their smartphones and tablets.

students’ learning options with the mobile app

Any update you make on your desktop website will also automatically adjust for the mobile app instantly, so you won’t need to make manual modifications to ensure your website is mobile-ready.

You can also set up push notifications, which can help you increase your engagement.

4. Chart your financial growth with business analytics.

Tracking the performance of your marketing efforts, and how effectively they yield actual revenue, is essential to your success as a solopreneur.

With Kajabi’s upgraded Professional Analytics feature, you can get more insights and data about the growth of your business. From your Kajabi dashboard, you can view the professional analytics insights and several new reports.

Financial growth with business analytics

Here’s what’s new.

  • Opt-in report. Shows the number of people opting into your pipelines and the opt-in percentage.
  • Sales report. Tells you your exact number of sales and your conversion rate.
  • Page view reports. The report helps you learn the number of page views that your landing page and website gets and your site visitors’ average page stay duration.

With these new analytics features, you can learn more about how your business is performing, allowing you to improve the parts of your business that really needs to be improved, and removing those that aren’t really bringing you much value.

5. Streamline your marketing workflows

Promoting your online courses is a necessary part of selling them, but marketing your digital products can eat up a significant amount of your working hours and energy.

Kajabi’s Pipelines feature, however, can take a load off your shoulders, as it helps make the process more efficient by letting you create a funnel and automating your marketing workflows. Using the Pipeline Blueprint, you can get recommendations on how you can use it to create a funnel and market your online courses.

Create your products with ease -Kabaji


You can customize each node in your pipeline by clicking on it and use the tools to edit the contents and triggers associated with your opt-in, sales, checkout pages, emails, videos and more. You can also add automation to your pages and set the conditions.

Kajabi’s Pipelines feature helps streamline your online course marketing workflow — allowing you to set them up how you want, and the platform will do the work for you.


Kajabi has many more features and tools to offer. The points we covered are just the tip of the iceberg.

With this review, I hope you’ll gain more clarity on whether or not the platform is a good fit for your online course business and your journey as a solopreneur.

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