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Why You Shouldn’t Worry When It Comes To AliExpress Dropshipping Shipping Times
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Why You Shouldn’t Worry When It Comes To AliExpress Dropshipping Shipping Times

AliExpress Dropshipping Shipping Times

Shipping times  have been a fear-inducing topic since  the dawn of drop shipping let’s be  honest in the face of Amazon Prime  shipping it can feel hopeless to compete  against two-day shipping, but it’s not  drop shippers are building successful  e-commerce businesses every day, even while they’re telling their customers  that it will take 2 to 3 weeks for their  products to arrive.

I know that’s because  I’ve talked with so many six and  seven-figure dropshippers who have done  just that.  Based on all the knowledge and insights  those drop shippers have shared with me  I put together this article to debunk some  shipping myths that might be stopping  you from starting your business today  I’ll tackle several important questions:

First, I’ll tell you how long it actually  takes for a drop sharing product to get  to customers, I’ll dive into Aliexpress  and show you exactly where you can look  for this data not only from the supplier  but from real customers too, then I’ll  give you tips on how to overcome the  “where’s my order email” – this is actually  a lot easier than you think.

Finally, I’ll  tell you how to cut down shipping times  by finding Aliexpress suppliers with  warehouses in your own country. That’s  right US – warehouses, French warehouses,  Australian warehouses all of it I’ll let  you know how you can ship using local  fast shipping methods and find that in  Aliexpress.

Why AliExpress Dropshipping Shipping Times Better?

There is not a  single day that goes by that I don’t  hear a first-time entrepreneur  bring up dropshipping shipping times. A lot of you have asked us in the emails: How long it takes for products to arrive, whether customers  will wait that long and what you the  entrepreneur can do about it?

Yes, dropshipping shipping times are longer than Amazon’s shipping times (even if you use shopify chrome extension), no that doesn’t  stop customers from buying, our  interviews with successful drop shippers  wouldn’t be possible so today I’m going  to be transparent with you about how to  handle long shipping times.

First things  first – let’s talk about how long drop  shipping times actually are. Shipping  times depend on a few different factors  so let me break them down for you, and in  fact let’s jump into Aliexpress so it’s  easier to follow along.

Oberlo Google Chrome Extension

Let’s say you found a winning product you’re excited you  want to sell the 3d crystal ball, so you look it up  on Aliexpress to import it into your  store. The first thing you want to check  is that you have the Oberlo Google Chrome extension installed, this is a  free extension that allows you to import  products from Aliexpress directly into  your Shopify store.

I press that Chrome extension  I’ve got a couple of options

Oberlo Chrome extension

I have show  shipping information turned on and when  that’s on I have the option a packet  selected here country that I’m shipping  to is US and currency is USD and I’m  hiding items without this option let me  just show you what all of this does when  I turn everything off and I update the  settings  then I can’t tell what I’m glancing at  the results:

Oberlo Search Listing

what takes a long time to ship and what  ships quickly, however when I click the  extension and click show shipping info I  can see a lot more:

AliExpress Dropshipping Shipping Info

with these options  selected I can now see which products  have a packet shipping available to the  United States because those results are  highlighted in green, what’s more I can  see the cost of a pack of shipping as well

ePacket Shipping

ePacket shipping by the way, is a  shipping option that was born out of an  international trade agreement and the  aim of the agreement is to make it  easier for e-commerce entrepreneurs like  you to ship products from China to the  rest of the world.

It is  cheap or free, it’s relatively fast and  it makes it easy for you to track  packages sent around the world ePacket shipping is available to a really  long list of countries. On average, ePacket takes 12 to 20 days  to deliver products to your customer, but  I can give you some more precise data in  just a little bit.

As you can see here  there are a lot of suppliers on  Aliexpress that carry the same product,  so that’s why having this Oberlo Chrome  extension is helpful, it helps you to  narrow down the suppliers only to the  ones that offer a packet shipping  results.

But there’s another thing to  note besides e packet shipping and  that’s processing time, you can see  processing time indicated in gray at the  bottom of each listing:

AliExpress Dropshipping e packet shipping

So when a someone orders an item from your Shopify store, it’s your job then to order the product from Aliexpress  (aliexpress best sellers)-afterwards your supplier recieves the order. There’s a time period during which the supplier gets the order, and then they get the product and they wrap it up  and they prepare it to ship and then  they put it on the plane or boat to ship  it. That time in between is called processing time. Shipping time is the time it takes between when the package  is being dropped off at the boat or  plane and the time it reaches your  customer – so total delivery time is  processing time plus shipping time.  That’s why you want to look carefully at  the processing times available for each  of your options here, obviously the  shorter the better.


Let’s say you find  the product you want to sell with ePacket shipping available and a reasonable  processing time of let’s say three days – you can click that product to get an  even more accurate idea of its shipping  time – on the  product page below the quantity options  you’ll see shipping information and an  estimated delivery date:

AliExpress Dropshipping Product View

if  you click the drop down menu you’ll see  even more shipping options:

Shipping Options

Now I see I’ve got three shipping  options and the estimated delivery is  right here the free shipping with epacket which is what I want because epacket is easy to track and reliable  plus it’s free in this case takes 18  days. So this means that  if a customer in the US places an order  for this products a day and you the  entrepreneur fulfill that order with Oberlo, the supplier today the  customer will get this product within 18  days.



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