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Unik – The Best Corporate Training Tool for Professionals

Unik – The Best Corporate Training Tool for Professionals

Unik – The Best Corporate Training Tool for Professionals

With the constant need for upskilling and incorporation of different technologies, training is an important part of every corporate organization. Corporate training also is experiencing a paradigm shift in the current times. Most of the professional work is shifting online in this era, and that’s where we get corporate learning management systems.

These systems allow efficient streamlining of tasks for the training managers. They also enable them to set up training programs more effectively. In the corporate world, the training managers and corporate professionals can get hold of the best Corporate Training tool. Below are a few reasons why.

A Holistic Approach to Online Corporate Training

Learning and development teams are empowered by the powerful tools provided by Unik. These tools cover the entire cycle of training and make it easier for both you, the trainee, and the corporate organization.

  • State-of-the-art virtual portal with audio and video controls, breakout rooms, document upload, recording, interactivities, chat, screen sharing, collaborative whiteboards, and everything else you need to train online easily is made available by Unik.
  • It allows you to create content and learning paths easily and simplifies skill mapping and assessments. Automated communication streamlines the training process and makes it easier for both the trainer and the trainee
  • Features like e-learning materials, AI-empowered authoring tools, and interactive engagement elements bring more ease to the entire process. This approach is proven to drive better outcomes.

A Meeting Product to Suit Your Needs

Unik uses Prepaze Meet, a meeting platform designed to keep in mind the unique needs of online study and training. The meeting room has more than 100 participants capacity with excellent video and audio quality.

Assignments and Assessments Made Easy

Receive online submissions and return them with a few clicks. Submission due dates can be scheduled as well. From single choice, multiple choice to fill-in-the-blanks and match the following, Unik offers various assessment tools that save your time and effort. Create error-free reports in an instant with customized grading scales and rubrics for each assessment.

Easy and Seamless Dashboard

Connecting to the trainees has never been simpler. The easy-to-access dashboard allows you to join the live virtual classroom, access documents, assign tests and assignments, review performances and grade them. The AI-empowered dashboard allows you to view attendance, plan lessons, share feedback, and print and share materials.

Smart Management Controls

Unik’s APIs let you manage the current and new trainee enrollments. You can connect to the corporate organization website easily as well. Tasks like sending invoices, managing user access roles, tracking trainee and trainer attendance, and presenting graphical presentations of the growth are automated for you. Features like sending emails to the organization with training reports make your training with Unik a hassle-free experience.

More features like an interactive, collaborative whiteboard, sharing screen and presenting decks, internet speed monitoring of all participants make the experience of online training a breeze for both you and your trainees. Embark on the Unik experience with a free trial for 15 days to get hands-on access to the best corporate learning management systems available today.

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