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How to improve in Dota 2 : 7 Tips to get better
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How to improve in Dota 2 : 7 Tips to get better

How to improve in Dota 2

Started playing Dota 2 recently and looking for ways to secure more wins? While practice will take you to new heights, some tips and tricks can make the game a lot easier.

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Gameplay always benefits from good teamwork. Use voice chat to communicate and make sure your team knows every move and strategy that you plan. Never go against the team because that’s how games are lost.

And no matter what, respect your team. Listen to everyone’s opinion. If you are a team leader, make sure everyone is heard and the gameplay goes smoothly. Only with good cooperation and support can you ever expect to win.


Having a strategy is a major necessity for winning. Mapping out your grey areas, how to proceed during the game, and what hacks and tactics to use are crucial. Preparing for the worst possible scenario is also a part of this.

To make winning much easier and effective, use the most efficient members of your team to construct a strategy. Assign roles and distribute duties amongst the team. If a specific enemy bothers you a lot, form a strategy targeting their weak points.


Farming efficiency is one of the most critical objectives in DOTA 2. Choosing the right items before starting the game can give you a significant edge over opponents. And while in the game, you need to farm consistently and efficiently.

To win fights, one must always have more resources than the enemies. Take care of your entire team’s needs while farming. For example, if a player needs a specific item to defend your entire team, let them farm first. Also, stock up on certain items that can help you sustain.


One thing you must understand about Dota 2 is that it is meant to be won as early as possible. The game starts getting unpredictable and more difficult as time passes. Random overextensions, deaths, etc., are just some problems that occur.

So you have to try to win as early in the game as possible. Try to end the game as quickly as possible instead of stalling it. That way, you will be safe from sudden deaths and tricky situations later in the game.


The game is all about out-mapping your enemies. So having fair knowledge of the game map is also an important factor. Knowing the important chokepoints, junctions, and areas where you are most likely to fail helps improve your gameplay.

Use the map to your advantage by tracking enemies, high and low points, difficult areas, etc. Remember, if you know the map like the back of your hand, it will be troublesome for your enemies to catch you off guard.


Nobody becomes the best at anything on the first try. And it’s okay to make mistakes. If your team loses a match or a series of matches, do not get disheartened or give up.

One way to improve is to take replay analysis in the game seriously. Observe your game. See what and where everything went wrong. Follow the lead and guidance of good players. You can even copy them as a beginner and later develop your unique strategy. But before that, you need to analyse your mistakes and derive ways to avoid them in the future.


Not all games need to be played aggressively. But Dota 2 certainly does require active gameplay. In this game, you cannot wait for the enemy to make the first move if you really want to win. Because doing that would require you to make quick decisions about your response to an attack. And in that hurry, making mistakes is natural and expected.

Instead, define the pace and direction of the game yourself. Make your moves first and startle the enemy with your aggressiveness. By doing this, you’ll stay in total control of the game.


These are some tips that might prove helpful to you if you’re already playing or just starting to play DOTA 2. But ultimately, it’s your dedication that will push you forward. If you know of more such Dota 2 tips, comment them down below.

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